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The Library’s collection originated in a 1901 gift of 1,763 prints from Charles Stewart Smith, a New Yorker who had made his fortune in dry goods and textiles.

Smith had obtained the prints during an 1892 trip to the Far East from author and collector Captain Frank Brinkley, an English journalist, mathematician, and military adviser living in Japan.

Before joining Splunk, Kelly was a systems integration consultant at Accenture building out large scale systems integrations.

She holds a degree in Computer Engineering from University of California, Santa Cruz.

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For our files, it was very challenging and inefficient to run a single regex to pull out the fields we wanted, so we split them apart and wrote two extractions instead—get Data and candidate_number. Another thing we found out, don’t be afraid of rejection. We also learned to think bigger than just IT and security of how Splunk can help you solve any kind of problem.

” would get the most responses because it is personalized, engaging and simple.

Of course, we set a variety of control variables, like what time of day we’d swipe and most importantly made our profile tagline something Splunky: “I like big data and I cannot lie.” Getting the data was a bit of an adventure, but once we were able to get the text (.txt) files of our chat records from Bumble, we were able to bring the data into Splunk to do some analysis.

It was reported last week that actress Kitagawa Keiko, 28, and singer DAIGO, 36, have been in a relationship since spring.

The two first met in 2011 on the set of the drama “LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~”. It was not until they appeared on a variety show together in January that they became closer.

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