Konata lzumi dating sim

Rana: You dont have the spirital power to be useful to me, die. Amber: Your powers intregue me, I want to see them for myself.

Orihime: My Master wants to study your hair clip, I could just take your head to deliver that to him.

Kagami and Ayano's classmate for five consecutive years, Misao is the latter's childhood friend and, as defined by the former, an unorganized "lazy ass".

A recurring theme in post-anime strips is her rivalry with Konata — for Kagami, even Misao considered Kagami as being cold-hearted.

Konata: When I win, I am going to play a dating sim with the voters, without the sim.

Create your own character and help your country achieve its glory while establishing yourself as a war hero, renowned publisher or finance guru.

Mai: We can solve this without a fight, just leap into Ente's mouth, he's hungry.

Kyon: Look at it this way, She cant boss you around if you're dead.

Superman takes the extremely damaging fight TO THE PEOPLE! "Bridge between our peoples" turns out to mean "Fuck Krypton"8. somehow an alien spaceship cant get a good video signal to Earth...11. Last one standing wins My Little Elfen Lied: Friendship is Magic Nyu was awkward in her new Pony form and tried to walk, however she almost stumbled several times, being saved from a full fall by Rainbow Dash."I take it thisis your first day as a pony" Rainbow Dash told her"It is Nyu..." Nyu replied then looked at the colorful lightning bolt on Rainbow Dash's flank. What colorful lightning,baloons, and cute star thingy on you mean nyu? You have one too ya know" Pinkie Pie said, pointing her hoof at the transparent and bloody hooves and crying eye on Nyu's flank."They're a representation of who a pony is and what they do, yours probably means that you're ment to use your vecters to protect.

Johnathan Kent shifts from "Do nothing" mode to "Your destined to change anything" mode or visa versa when raising young Clark.6. Superman kills someone directly (would say who but that's a spoiler)10. Dong Zhuo: Dont make me shove mah Motercycle up your ass! Youkos: Kamijou: Your fancy powers wont break my spirit!

Cao Cao: We've delt with YOUR kind in Osaka already. Lu Bu: Nothing can crush Osaka's spirit, not even you.

but seriously, PB&C at Coldstone Creamery IS damn good. Akira: I think one Rukia Kuchiki's shorter then you, so is Edward Elric. " She said then ran off."Oh yeah, the party to celebrate my AWESOME win over that loud mouth Starscream" Rainbow Dash said boastingly."She's probably ada The Boom, Rainboom.

*drinks some* Me: Ladies and gentlemen, a product placement... Pinkie then gasped "GIVE ME A FEW MINUTES THEN COME TO SUGAR CUBE CORNER!

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