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There was the remote possibility that he might squeak into the Valedictorian slot, or at least the Salutatorian slot by the time graduation rolled around. or I was gonna loose a boyfriend.” “I’m not sure I understand” Ric said. At this point my mother announced loudly, so everyone in the market could hear, ‘oh, I caught your husband in bed with my daughter the other day. She blamed me saying that it was because of the Stephan thing her boyfriend had abandoned her. Ric’s father felt sure his son could achieve the top honors for his class if he bore down, but Ric refused to give up either football, or particularly he wasn’t going to quit Martial Arts when he had just gained his Black Belt after all these years of practice! “The more he pushed me trying to get into my pants, the more I realized I needed to DO something for him . “As I wouldn’t let Stephan go all the way with me”, Yvette paused to choose her words and her thoughts carefully, “I decided to learn how to give him oral gratification. “I haven’t told you the worse part yet” Yvette cried. “A couple of days later my mother was in our neighborhood market. She seemed to ignore the fact he had another girl on the string” Yvette said, again wiping her eyes. Agencies or law-enforcement organizations are not to utilize this work product in any way. [I just can’t seem to write without a lot of detail and back-story] It has the main story, the back story, lots of detail, enough sex to satisfy almost everyone and some humor.

I just wanted to give you a heads-up, dear.” “For how long . Yvette will be here a week from Saturday” his mother explained. Now he’d never be able to talk his parents into letting him go to South Padre Island for Spring Break . When Yvette was 11, she and her mother moved back to France . He sat in the back of his father’s Lincoln Continental Town Car as the miles unfolded outside the window. Looking at her Aunt, Yvette said “I have some luggage” and the four set off for the baggage carrousel. To that question, Yvette replied with a mischievous grin that she would be happy to ‘give Ric French lessons! When Ric put his foot down about the salacious talk regarding his cousin one of the guys had commented that perhaps Ric was ‘tapping her himself” and that was the reason he didn’t like it. One night after a Skype call with her mother Yvette sat on the porch and he could tell she was visibly upset. “My mom threw Stephan out and she and I got in a terrible fight . With TSA rules, people meeting incoming passengers can’t get anywhere near the arrival gates. thank you for letting me visit”, as she kissed him on his cheeks also. Ric had been observing all this, and listening to the girl’s French accented English left Ric infatuated already. He could not help himself he let his eyes dart from her face, to her chest. The sheer blouse which so clearly displayed her lacy undergarment on the side, had two large pockets on the front, strategically placed over her boobs, making the frontal view of the blouse much more modest. Yvette could not help but notice the bulging biceps, taught stomach and broad chest Ric displayed under the tight long-sleeve tee shirt he wore. The luggage all crammed in the trunk, Ric’s father unlocked the doors and began to slide into the driver’s seat. Yvette daintily slid onto the rear seat, keeping her knees glued together and thus precluding any showing of girl-things that should not be shown. Chapter 4 The drive from DFW back to the ranch was a long one. Much of the conversation was about Yvette’s mother, Marge’s sister, who Yvette volunteered was having a very hard time after her long-time boyfriend had suddenly left her for another woman. Ric’s reply was that “it wasn’t anything” and he tried to let the subject drop. “I heard some of the nasty stuff that boy said about me, Ric. ” “Wanna tell me about it” Ric ask, trying very hard not to be pushy, but at the same time dying of curiosity. “Anyway, to the point, one day my mom came home early from work, walked into my bedroom and found me dressed only in a pair of panties giving Stephan . At DFW the International Arrival waiting area has a long window so that people waiting for loved ones can see their party walking down the hallway. Yvette was smiling when he returned his gaze to her eyes. Ric’s mother began to open her passenger side door, when she realized her son was opening the rear passenger door for Yvette. She looked up at Ric demurely and said ‘thank you’ to him, speaking French. Ric’s mother told her nice that she hoped everything would be fine, and how much she missed her baby sister. After Carl and his son had wrestled all of Yvette’s luggage into the house Marge had suggested that Rick and Yvette take the bags upstairs and that Ric show Yvette to her room and get her situated. “Back home Ma’ma wouldn’t let me date before my 15th birthday” Yvette started. It was Saturday afternoon, and he had just climbed off the John Deer tractor and walked into the kitchen for a cool drink, when he overheard his parents having a very animated conversation. “Ric,” his mother began, “we received a call this morning from my sister, your Aunt Barbara, in France. ’ I guess Stephan was pale, but the redheaded woman stuck out her hand to my mother and said ‘I’m Simone . The only thing he heard clearly was his mother pleading with his dad, “What do you want me to do . She’s having a hard time of things, personally, right now. “ “God damn it Marge” his father spat out interrupting his wife in mid-sentence, “catching your teen-aged daughter in bed with a 22 year old guy, is not a ‘little difficulty’! YOU are going to learn what ‘difficulties’ I can make for you mister! and because the girls did not like the ‘competition’.

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