Libdating com

For searching and downloading profiles from 3rd party web service use Dating:: Me.

See examples/30for example usage and perldoc Dating/for details.

Dating:: Me inherits LWP:: User Agent and is able to: * search for profiles on dating site (Mamba) * load profiles from site and store them in database * Different Me objects can share and update the same set of She objects cooperatively, overcoming dating service restrictions for single account.

* User location may be calculated from distances shown to different users by the procedure known as trilateration (see "guessing user location" in doc/INSTALL).

* New versions of Dating will be backward compatible with previous, database may be updated automatically, see examples/10

* Recognizes plagiarism by means of web search, and handles it differently, see 'manual' and 'copypaste' attributes of Dating:: She.

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