Live cams that take american express

Even if you follow textbook placements you might not see the hidden dangers or take all of the parts of the scenario into consideration.

While reading and research helps, we firmly believe that no one is qualified to instruct highline rigging over any other means than in person. You have to spot a good location, determine if adequate anchors can be accomplished at that location, determine the method of setting anchors such as bolting or using climbing nuts & cams, determine your mainline requirements, backup requirements and a system to impliment redundant anchoring and a system to share the load across those anchors; usually while hanging off the edge of a cliff or way up high in a tree.

If you don't know what equalization and non extending anchors are, your in for a world of hurt unless you have a rigging mentor to create a foundation of understanding necessary to take it beyond that level.

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Highlining takes training and proper equipment to do safely.

Slacklines can produce amazingly high loads on anchors, they have snapped fresh and well placed 3/8" bolts and have caused fully rated climbing cams to fail from being overloaded.

Most slackers prefer to set bolts instead of climbing gear.

While you are killing time waiting for us to get our new look rolled out, perhaps you'd enjoy checking out the new Slackline Express Blog. Read on for a fundamental review of what is involved.

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