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Adding secret upon secret, and lying to everyone in his life.

In this Harry Potter AU fanfic, Harry and Hermione are black and both have Asperger's Syndrome. There have been some other canon divergences, like some OC Slytherins on Harry's side (good Slytherins), Draco got converted to Harry's side, and Sirius got his name cleared and is Harry's guardian.

He wakes up much later to the discovery that he's back in the body of his five year old self.

His classmates volunteer to take care of him until the effect wears ever does. A request to do something similar with my other fanfic The Monsters but with this fandom!

) "It hurts so much not to have you by my side, but in the end my presence only hurts you more.

And I'm sorry that I'm too selfish to keep myself away any longer."As a lost soul who had been floating aimlessly for years, joining the League of Villains was supposed to make him feel alive again.

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