Marketing companies sell dating profiles

Ask yourself what about this customer is a telltale sign that your product (or service) will benefit them and that your company values the same things they do.

Here’s a sample from our Growth Graham persona: Graham gets what it means to love customers.

It’s the process we used at Help Scout to figure out who was buying our software.

A useful customer profile — also known as a persona — is akin to a comprehensive how-to guide for reaching your ideal customers.

Although making use of customer feedback is a great place to gather intelligence on your customers, what to do with that information is the next step that often eludes many business owners.

This is where a simple customer profile template comes into play.

Knowing their thought process will allow you to write the kind of copy that feels like mind-reading.

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Trying to sell products and services without understanding your ideal customers is like driving with your eyes closed.

That’s a lot of key information, and we’ve only just begun!

When assembling information on your customer’s attitude, you need to look at how your customer typically feels towards the other offerings available in your industry.

We’re not talking about demographic data or any sort of personal information, only a high-level view of what they do and what’s important to them in doing business with a company like yours.

As a firsthand example, at my company Help Scout we have three very different customer personas that our software caters to. Growth Graham – Graham is the founder of a small business and he signs up for Help Scout because he’s curious.

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