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This is the show in which Christina Applegate and Katey Sagal got their starts.

This series inspired and popularized a character type: the Jaded Washout, which was actually called "The Al Bundy" at one point. Ironically, the real Fox station in Chicago is actually channel 32, but was a strong independent station before Fox.

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Then again, they were known from 1991 to 2012 as "Fox Chicago," due to perceived embarrassment about being on such a high channel number.

Nowadays, with over-the-air TV practically dead and cable, satellite, etc.

He's still driving the same piece-of-junk car he bought in high school and is cursed with a moronic daughter who really gets around, a smart but perverted son, and a lazy dog that might as well be a throw rug.

The show premiered on April 5, 1987 as the very first program ever shown by the brand new Fox Network. It was a constant ratings success until it ended in June 1997; it's still Fox's longest-running live-action sitcom.

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