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Like Job, I want to be able and willing to receive counsel from anyone God puts in my path.God created us to grow in the context of community.They’re programmed to think that all they want and need is sex.But for all but the coldest-hearted men, there’s a need to be needed.I keep the phrase (and the truth behind it) mainly to myself (and my journal) with an occasional exception, when I find a listening ear. But the term is rather fitting, since I have about as much of a sex life as a typical priest.

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In recent months I’ve begun to use the phrase “involuntary celibacy” to describe my current sexual status.Now, do I think this life of celibacy is God’s original plan for us? I think the sexual dysfunctionality of my marriage will, when all comes to light someday, be attributable to a combination of my sin, her sin, the impact on us of a world of sinners living around us, and the Devil himself.It’s not unlike the forces causing sickness, war, and all the other griefs of this world.But it’s also that the priest entered his lifestyle willingly.On the contrary, part of the reason I married was because I knew I couldn’t bear to be celibate. The part that’s a real clincher is that I took a vow about “til death do us part”.

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