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just because there are pictures of attractive looking Asian women that appear to be sending you those messages, are they really chatting with you?

Another thing to consider is that the all the image of female members on this site look like they have been taken by a professional photographer.

For other cases, see also Fanservice, formerly known as Playing to the Fetishes. We just Just met a boy, just met a boy when / He could come inside my pay pen / 'Cause he looked like a super star in the makin' / So I think I'm going in for the takin' / Hear through the grape vine that he cakin' / We can shoot a movie he can do the tapin' / Boom boom boom boom pow things be shakin' / I don't even try to find out who he datin He could ball with the crew he could solo / But I think I like him better when he dolo / And I think I like him better with the fitted cap on / He ain't even gotta try to put the mack on / He just gotta give me that look / When he give me that look / Then the panties comin' off, off, uh'By the way / What he say?

For examples that are sung by groups of friends over a few beers rather than performed by professionals, see Bawdy Song. / He can tell I ain't missin' no meals / Come through and fork him in my automobile / Let him eat it with his grills / And he telling me to chill / And he telling me it's real / That he love my sex appeal / He say he don't like 'em boney / He want something he can grab / So I pulled up in the Jag / Mayweather with the jab like dun-d-d-dun-dun-d-d-dun-dun ''Drink from my thighs The rain of lies A sight so cursed Breasts which never nursed An Aphrodite for mortal souls Playing hide and seek in lecherous roles Their erotic hour my tearless weep Their satisfaction my infinite sleep You will be soft rocked by me Though it may take some time, I know eventually You will be soft rocked by me I use the passive voice to show how gentle I'll be When I soft rock you You will know it's true That you've never been soft rocked 'til you've been soft rocked by me Cinderella who lied too much seems to have been eaten by the wolf What should I do?

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To us those females look like professional models and the photos are professionally taken.

If you look at any female profile on Chn they all look like professional models.

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We decided to go online and start reading reviews from actual members of Chn

All the women on this site are very attractive looking Asian girls with professional photographs in their profiles.

Is this real or just a trick to get us to purchase credits in order to communicate with these women?

All sorts of euphemisms are used: making love, getting lucky, getting laid, goin' downtown, hitting the jackpot, throwing the hot dog in the hallway, play 'hide the salami', making baby batter, buttering her bread, putting the key in the ignition, thrashing the thistle, scuba diving in the oasis, plugging the pudding portal, the ringing of Persian ankle bells, inserting the credit card into the slot machine, slamming the space jam in the dimensional pocket, bumping uglies, doing the horizontal tango, firty ducking, woohooing, knocking boots, getting some rib, about tree fiddy, pounding the tuna, and the classic (made popular by The Newlywed Game), making whoopie.

No matter what it is or where it's coming from, they're all talking about the same thing and they all get the job done.

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