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The exclusive use of draped linen garments and the wearing of similar styles by men and women remained almost unaltered as the main features of Ancient Egyptian costume.From about 2.130 BC during the Old Kingdom of Egypt, men also wore wrap around skirts (kilts) known as the shendyt, They were made of a rectangular piece of cloth wrapped around the lower body and tied in front.The furthest that most men went in the 1960s in this regard were velvet trousers, flowered or frilled shirts and ties, and long hair.

Even a knights armor had a short metal skirt below the breastplate.

“Real” trousers and tights increasingly replaced the prevalent use of the hose (clothing) which like stockings covered only the legs and had to be attached with garters to underpants or a doublet.

A skirt-like garment to cover the crotch and bottom was no more necessary.

In practice, it usually meant that women would wear male dress, i.e., shirts and trousers.

Men rarely went as far in the adoption of traditionally female dress modes.

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