Mischa barton dating luke pritchard

Barton only confirmed their romance after they split up on March 2009.

Mischa and Sebastian, 28, were also seen kissing in the corner at the Johnnie Walker Gold Label Reserve launch party at Mayfair’s Whisky Mist nightclub, while locals at the Windsor Castle pub in Kensington have spotted the couple.

Mischa denied the affair, insisting she was single at the time.

A year later she dated The Kooks frontman Luke Pritchard- who confirmed their relationship while they were together.The couple met when Barton made a special guest appearance in Silverfield's Las Vegas magic show.During his "Impossible Sawing" illusion, Brandon used a guillotine to behead Mischa and after sawed her in half using a large circular saw.Earlier this year the 23-year-old who is 5ft 9 was snapped looking painfully thin after dropping from a healthy size 12 to a size 6-8 in just six months.Her dramatic weight loss was thought to be the result of unflattering photographs that emerged last year showing the actress with cellulite on her legs.

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