Miss scarlett dating

The Towie star recently joined Extra Camp star Scarlett, 27, in Australia to take part in the ITV spin-off and they were pictured looking close as Arg celebrated his thirtieth birthday.

According to Closer magazine, the pair had bonded over their “weight issues” and Arg had been a “good distraction” for Scarlett following her split from Luke Crodden.

But Arg’s rep has shut down the claims, telling The Sun Online: “There is no truth in that and are just friends having filmed out in Australia together.” It comes after Scarlett’s former campmate Ola Jordan said she hoped the Geordie star would find love Down Under.

“She still young, she’s single and ready to mingle!

Maybe not for me or for you, but who really cares about us?

I'm talking about the gorgeously demure Scarlett Johansson and her man, Colin Jost.

Thankfully, Marvel is finally — has learned, which is a huge step forward.

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Played by Scarlett Johansson, Black Widow is a different kind of superhero in the Marvel universe, and her story needs to be told if you ask us.

"We both respect and love each other enough to know we need to call it a day and not be one of those couple’s that’s off and on.” Arg is currently single after his short lived fling with former flame Gemma Collins.

Fantastic family night in SPACE it was lovely to have Angel Trust Trustees & ambassadors visit the project.

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