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Almost immediately, a fake policeman pulls the cab over and discovers contraband on the new passenger.

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Also, I could not select hair or eye color in the extended search engine.

This is an opportunistic crime because the cab driver selects people who he thinks wouldn’t notice being driven in the wrong direction.

: Don’t get so trashed that you don’t know the route home.

I thought I had advanced street smarts when coming to South America, but then I got pick pocketed on my third day. Sometimes you are discreetly marked with chalk beforehand as a signal to nearby pick pocket accomplices. Don’t walk into crowds and at the minimum don’t put anything valuable in your back pockets. As you pick it up, the backpack you left a couple feet behind has disapeared. Everyone who had their bag snatched says they only looked away “for a second.” 3. Usually on a crowded bus, someone slashes the outside of your backpack while you are distracted with some random commotion.

Or you do all the work distracting yourself by walking into a crowd at an outdoor celebration. Either sitting in a park or outdoor cafe, you notice keys or change on the ground.

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