Mxr distortion dating vintage

They will do no more than a cost efficient version of the effect.

They were not designed as the end all be all pedals. So if you pay a bunch getting caught up in a vintage frenzy, you have made a bad decision.

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As to the question "do the early Block logo with minimal differences SOUND as good as the script? These pedals can sound different especially if someone has played around inside- which is VERY common. Thus the manufacturer used whatever they could find/afford to build the pedals. Its this inconsistency that may be part of the MXR magic!The output pin was getting nearly 8 volts while both inputs measured correct near Vref voltages.So my diagnosis was that the opamp had suffered a trauma from reverse polarity and that had burned the chip to the point where it leaked most of the supply voltage to the output of the opamp.This creates the best tones with distortion knob maxed or near maxed.May be in part because of the components age, but damn it sounds good.

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