Mysql manager of pid file quit without updating fi

I've performed a complete (and duplicate) backup of all of the databases found in /var/lib/mysql on a local hard drive and also to an ftp location on a different host.Is the only thing left to do remove and reinstall mysql server?Here I was setting up a fresh replication server, and so the MASTER and SLAVE variables are different in /etc/of course. I'm just adding this story here to show yet again that (1) the answer probably lies in your error log, and (2) may have nothing to do with this error you see from's what I noticed after playing with config file to try optimum performance.first make sure there are no running processes ( lsof /var/lib/mysql | awk ''|sort|uniq -c|awk '') then umount the partition before fscking it.

service mysql restart yields the following messages: there is nothing in the /var/lock/mysql file, and I don't see any lock files.

Once I changed the group and ownership of the files to mysql:mysql the error went away.

If you have mysql on it's own partition (such as /var/lib/mysql), make sure that it hasn't gone read-only.

For me, the issue was insufficient privileges to the mysql data files.

Meanwhile, in my case, the true error was buried underneath this: Manager of pid-file quit wi[FAILED]dating file I finally looked closely enough at my mysqld error log, and found the real issue: /usr/sbin/mysqld: File ' MASTER/master15-bin.index' not found (Errcode: 2) Like other similar cases here, the problem came from copying the whole /var/lib/mysql directory over from a different host. So this "Manager of pid-file quit" error was another red herring.

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