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She holds a Psychology degree from Harvard University where she contributed to a paper entitled .That title in itself sounds like a foreign language, but Portman has gone beyond mastering the language of science.She speaks English and Hebrew as native languages, and can also speak German, Spanish and even Japanese! Colin Firth learned Italian when he started dating his wife, the film producer and director Livia Giuggioli.He’s now fluent, and says with some confidence that he would be able to act in an Italian film — as long as he could play an Englishman who speaks Italian.Apparently, Firth is particularly fond of insults in Italian, as they’re used more sparingly than in English but to greater effect. If you watch him speaking Italian, you immediately notice how he adopts the typical Italian gestures without which Italian simply wouldn’t be Italian.Owing to the fact that she attended a French-speaking prep school, the Lycée Français de Los Angeles, Jodie Foster can speak French fluently.In fact, she can speak it so well that she’s acted in French films and has dubbed many of her own films into French.

She also learned Spanish, French and Italian later in life.We’ve compiled a list of some of the most impressively multilingual celebrities, focusing on the stars of the silver screen.These celebrity polyglots not only deserve a bit of recognition for the number of languages they speak, but also because many of them came late to language learning and have gone on to accomplish great things.We generally only see one side of celebrities: the superficial smiles on the red carpet, or the interviews full of gushing praise about new film projects.With a little more research, however, one can uncover all sorts of hidden talents.

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