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He seemed to suddenly be a bit desperate and that was a real turnoff so I said I had an early start.He got really mad and refused to leave the car without "getting something to show for the night".The conversation turns to religion and I, being wasted, went on about what I thought about evangelical Christians. I'm a pretty classy guy when it comes to business, so I always pay first.It started turning ugly and I suggested it was time he left. I took five s from my pocket and slipped them in his jeans pocket.I gave him the rest I had, and he told me that if I didn't want to get hurt, to stay in the booth for five minutes after he left.quote Ever picked up a guy or messed around with someone who ended up creeping you out later?

Someone you regretted ever bringing back home or riding back in a car with?

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) Anyway, we're making out in my car in a pretty public parking lot near the bars and he's being very clear he wants to fuck me.

Upon opening the door, I realized he had muscular dystrophy and his legs were way undersized.

Then, I could see that by my feet were very large pair of black pumps and a rope.

Had a one night stand, I had no intention of getting with him again because he stole out of my wallet plus he seemed a bit unwashed.

He started calling my work, this was before cell phones were popular.

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