New world dating site

The new dating website, called Mouse Mingle, connects Disney fans looking for love – with Mickey Mouse playing cupid.

Forget the likes of Tinder and Plenty Of Fish, there’s now a dating website to make your dreams of a Disney romance a reality (yes, really) – and you won’t even have to give up your voice to an evil sea witch.

According to co-founder Heath Ahrens, he and his colleagues were frustrated with wasting time on Tinder, scrolling though profiles of people they didn’t find physically attractive.

To combat this problem, they created an app that helps you identify profiles of users who happen to be your exact physical “type.”Ahrens argues has the potential “to streamline the dating process.” The app asks users to identify their celebrity crushes.

It makes something like Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice – in which Fitzwilliam Darcy, a dashing, obscenely wealthy man, falls for a penniless, normal-looking girl named Elizabeth Bennet – a dystopian fiction in its own right.Apparently, it hasn’t occurred to said singles that it is possible to find a partner outside of The One Percent.Launched in 2015 by Carnegie Mellon grad Amanda Bradford, The League, the dating app with the on-the-nose name, employs people to go through potential members’ Linked In and Facebook profiles.And as for romance, the promise of online dating was mostly about bringing together people who otherwise would not meet in person.A couple decades later, however, the latest crop of dating apps allows singles to limit their search to increasingly rigid requirements rather than expand their horizons.

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