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But Be 22 – sure to put the Leters in the post office and trust not to your Whistling acquaintances 23 – for I expect your Imediat answer 24 – St Jago de la Vigo in Jamaica 25 – May 14 1716 26 – PS: I have in my 2 letters to you Re[……..] actions you can make posibly (Please feel free to suggest corrections and improved interpolations, I shall be happy to update the above accordingly.

Thanks to John Comegys, James Comegys, milongal and Greg Stachowski for their corrections and comments [which I have incorporated], much appreciated!

It contains 15 hundred peases of 15 – Silver or peases of Eight.

So called and 4 times the fill of my hat in Rials and 16 – Double rials otterways Bit and double bits: and further contains 250 quadruple pistole 17 – peaces Comonly Caled Double Double Loans: perhaps ther may be a feu more or 18 – les: for time would not alou of ane exact reaconing 19 – N B: if you wil not folou my my Advice and go there with the first opportunity 20 – I order you Imediatly to burn this direction and both my Leters and send me 21 – a particular act and direct for me Exactly according to my direction.

Perhaps this has already been calculated: if so, it’s not work that I’m aware of, so please leave a comment here to help broaden my mind.

If the same calculations were repeated with different order ngram entropies, I think we might have something more interesting to work with here: but that’s already been done to death in the Zodiac Killer research world.

Moreover, the long-standing suggestion (which I think has a fair amount of evidential support) that the Z340 may well have been constructed in two distinct halves (Z170A and Z170B) would also mess with just about all of his arguments and conclusions.

This is because the length of a text influences the msd, as well as the length of a text’s character set.

A 400 character cipher using 10 characters will see a different ngram distribution to a 100 character cipher using 40 characters.

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