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I'm not a-sexual, I'm not frigid, I'm not a prude, am not a sexual assault victim, I just don't wish to complicate my life with the physical side of a man's company.I plan on relocating ~ it wouldn't be right to get all wrapped up in a relationship of a more serious set of circumstances.Not because he wasn't totally "do-able" but because I wanted to keep him in my life and I didn't want the complications that run hand in hand with physical intimacy.Today, that exact scenerio would work perfectly for me.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The original poster said she had a problem with men ogling her boobs at work, and she does not wear seductive clothes at work to get this type of attention.TITS DON'T TALK BACKBeing it that you don't have a pic and you say all the guys are staring I'll assume you have an exceptionally large chest.

She said women maintain their appearance and dress provactively because they want a man to look at them. If you don't want a guy to look at you then ugly up, fatten up and get a ****y attitude. I was a pizza delivery guy for a long time and trust me I was uncomfortable with women staring at my junk and making lewd comments while I was trying to give them change or there pizza. Next parallel question: Why do women stab each other in the back to have sole access to a very desirable man/future mate, and don't think that men don't notice?

Well, just take smaller bites and a'chew more carefully. thank you)Honestly, you're talking about friendship, not romance here. But really it doesn't fill the needs I get from dating. I used to ask my grandmother what would happen if I never found the right guy for me?!!?? then you will have to settle for a very wealthy man who will spoil you rotten. Just get a roommate if all you want is companionship."does one really know whether or not someone cares about you if you are sexually intimate?

Or you could deal with them and find someone who you would actually enjoy having sex with. yeah I would rather have a sexual relationship and get along well, than eschew sex because I couldn't get along. thank you)It sounds like what you're saying is you want dinner without the food so you won't run the risk of choking. yet are someone who is interested in a asexual relationship... but how do you say TEA'SE ( emphasis on the T) .... This is why you are KING NOSMO and not KING NOSLESS I find this thread very entertaining... What's the point of a relationship if there's no sex.

Now, if I were to meet someone ~ in the city I'm relocating to, and it was ALL there, of course ~ sex is an option, otherwise ~ nope.

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