Novell groupwise webaccess not updating

3) Inability to print monthly/weekly/daily calendar. 4) Some messages (from Windows Group Wise users) display in very small font (6 or 8 point). On Tue, 0000, Garrett wrote: When might we expect an update to Group Wise for the Mac? RE: Groupwise client update I am using GW 6.5 SP2 on my server. I want to push out the client update through the software directory. It's all done without user intervention EXCEPT at the start.I've done this in the past by configuring the SETUP. It requires the user to click OK to select the default English language. Group Wise Client Error After Update We installed all of the most recent patches for Group Wise 7 yesterday, uninstalled the old clients, and reinstalled the updated client.Group Wise Mac When might we expect an update to Group Wise for the Mac?Here are some of more critical issues (which I hope are addressed in the next release). 2) Inability to set their individual office hours on users calendar.

I added a new employee to the Group Wise post office at noon yesterday and it now approx.

I set up a second pop3 account to go to a folder that I created(also tried to send it to the inbox.) Groupwise shows that is downloading messages 1/5 or however many, but I can not find them anywhere. and is there a registry cleanup for groupwise 6 clients Brent, The cleaning agent listed is valid for all versions of GW5.5.

For a cleaning agent designed with GW6 in mind, the author's site ( has an updated version availabe, which can be run as a NAL object. To uninstall GW6, that is a Control Panel Add/Remove operatio...

CONTACT YOUR SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR ' I think there may be a file w...

Groupwise 6x Client I have a user who is using the calender in Groupwise, in Multi-user view.

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