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Try them on, check the fit, and make sure you FEEL GREAT in the clothes.

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If you’re meeting for the proverbial first date and it’s for coffee, find the most interesting, fun, and unique coffee shop in the city and meet there. Then repeat part of her story back and say something like “Tell me more…” And while she tells you these things, listen. Don’t say to yourself “It’ll be different with me…” because it won’t.

In other words, be really single — not just almost single but completely single.

It’s more common to see “separated” in online dating these days, but never in my life would I date someone who was just separated.

I’m so glad I’ve kept my pants on during any number of dating experiences. She’ll feel really good about being the only woman you’ve shared that toy with.

The most beautiful part of a relationship is the beginning. It doesn’t matter how much that dildo cost — get a new one for your new girlfriend. It’s all about making your new girlfriend feel really loved.

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