Online dating is for losers

I felt like I had hit the love jackpot but the reality couldn’t have been more different.

My first date was with an immaculately dressed 60-year-old with salt and pepper coiffed hair who bleated on about his top job in IT and spent most of the lunch gawping at a group of 20-something female students.

We’d been dating for a couple of months when he took me on a romantic weekend to Italy.“So when are you going to be my wife,” he asked as we arrived at the hotel.

That is the thing with internet dating, it may have lost its stigma but in my experience it’s still a stomping ground for social misfits and shy loners who would find it hard to get a date in the real world. You may be socially challenged in real life but in cyberspace anyone can pretend to be Leonardo Di Caprio.

I was just about to give up when his message pinged into my inbox. When we met the following week at a pub near his home, the chemistry was instant.

By date two he said he loved me and after two weeks he had asked me to marry him. He had desperate and possessive written all over him but the truth was I felt flattered.

Lesson number three: while a lot of women are looking for fulfilling relationships, a large number of men are just up for a quick fling.

Even though most tick the “serious relationship” and “marriage” boxes, you soon get to know what is really on their mind.

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