Outlook contact card not updating

Creating contacts is easy and before you know it, you’ve got several dozen or even hundreds of them in your Contacts folder.

It is very likely that some of them hold relations with one another like the same company or the same address.

To start, we simply update the information for one contact (in this case the Business Address) and then Save and Close that contact.

Second, we modify the view of the Contacts folder so that all the contacts are grouped by that updated field.

A manager in our organization wants a quick and easy way to see a person's extension number when he looks at the contact card from office (the small one that appears when you hover or a name not the full card) but does not want it as part of the normal office number.

Management wanted to standardize all of the photos, so every customer saw the person they were working with. Changes to AD are replicated to the back-end SQL Server used by Lync.If you install the Office ADMX templates, you can customize which fields are displayed on the contact card.The templates are available here: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc178992There is a Tech Net article about customizing all sorts of features in Outlook 2013 via GPO.For instance, when a company has changed its name and also obtained a new domain name for the email addresses.To update all email addresses of your contacts for that company, you can export your Contacts to a csv-file and use the Replace feature in Notepad or Excel or quickly update all affected contacts.

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