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Therefore, why not go with the lower price, for a newer unit?

Anyway, there’s a lot to be mentioned regarding this HOOK-7 unit, but the most important aspect that we ought to start with to avoid any confusions is its model number.

Overall, Down Scan offers photo-like clarity giving you the possibility to understand better what’s under the boat.

For Down Scan, the transducer also uses two beams for 455 k Hz and 800 k Hz, but they’re thin fore to aft, being shaped more like a fan.

this pump is ready to bolt on and plow, however the lift ram leaks oil around the top and the blade tends to weep or lower itself because of the leak.

I would also have a plow that leaked down so fast I would almost have to hold the up button the whole time I wanted it to stay up. I put it on the Test Stand, and it did raise quick.

but it will need a new seal kit installed at some point. We can see a single lug motor, so we know that needs to be replaced.

so if you need to bolt it on fast and make some money with it your good to go.

This is actually a hands-free, automatic filtering system. However, as a general idea, you will benefit from accurate imaging at speeds of up to 30-40 MPH.It serves its purpose for indicating your location and for plotting though, but the detail is minimal. However, there are plenty of upgrade possibilities (see below). This Lowrance unit can store up to 3,000 waypoints and up to 100 routes, with 100 waypoints per each route.There’s also a trail function which allows you to record your course in a breadcrumb manner, with a capability of 10,000 points per trail. Evidently, waypoints, routes, and trails can be shared between units connected via NMEA 0183 and backed up on a micro SD card. Via this app, you can combine sonar with maps, for superior awareness.Thus, the unit will be able to scan via Med CHIRP and High CHIRP.The HOOK-7 unit is also capable of 50 k Hz though, but you will need a 50/200 k Hz transducer in order to use the 50 k Hz frequency and benefit from the Low CHIRP mode.

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