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An important part of the answer lies in the personalities of Agee and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Cunningham Agee.In scores of interviews across the nation, the couple - rather than Bill Agee alone - emerge as key players in one of the most talked-about financial debacles in recent history.

The process of wiping away virtually all evidence of his former life was now complete.

"It's heartbreaking," Agee's other sister, Jackie Agee, said recently.

Amid the aftershocks of Morrison Knudsen Corp.'s near destruction, stunned employees and stockholders have asked again and again, how did this happen?

Meanwhile, MK's board swelled with prominent Catholic businessmen who seemed unable to police Bill's work.

As the business spiraled into a financial black hole, he drew multimillion-dollar paychecks, put personal bodyguards on MK's payroll, and ferried his family around the world in the company jet.

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