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Houy Sros, 18, female, high school student: I’m not so clear about this app yet. Maybe I will let my friends try it first, so I can see how good it is. “It comes down to whether the market is ready yet.” The second app, to be launched later this month or in early August, will be similar in concept to the dating app Tinder but called Matchstix.Users will be able to swipe left or right to flag their interest in each other, and if both are keen then they will be put in contact.

“On demand video is popular around the world and the next step is Netflix-style content.Using my unlimited internet at home, I can download music and then listen to it elsewhere.A few dollars is not expensive, but it is not important enough to spend money on it while I can listen to the songs and download for free.Sonita Men, 19, female, university student: It sounds so cool. If the money that I pay will go to Khmer artists, I’m willing to pay.It’s good that they can get the profit through this way. “We’re going to have challenges in terms of education and payment of the subscription, and that’s a relative unknown,” he said.

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