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A collimator lens 131 and a beam deflection element 132 are disposed on the surface of the substrate 125 in correspondence with each input side optical waveguide 130.

A beam deflection element 134 on the output side is disposed in correspondence with each beam deflection element 132, with a slab optical waveguide 133 being interposed therebetween.

A wavelength division multiplexed optical signal is supplied from the optical fiber 120 to the optical splitter 100.

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By deflecting a light beam to a desired direction by the input side beam deflection element 132, the optical signal input to the input side optical waveguide 130 can reach a desired output side optical waveguide 136.

Each stage is constituted of a plurality of optical switch substrates.

At the first stage, the optical switch substrate is provided for each optical splitter 100 to switch optical signals from optical waveguides of each optical splitter 100.

An optical connector 115 is provided for connection between the optical splitter 100 and optical switch substrate at the first stage of the optical switch module 101, between the optical switch substrate at each stage of the optical switch module 101 and optical switch substrate at the succeeding stage, and between the optical switch substrate at the third stage and optical multiplexer 110. An XY rectangular coordinate system is defined on the surface of a rectangular substrate 125, the X- and Y-axes being parallel to the sides of the rectangle.

A plurality of input side optical waveguides 130 are disposed along one side parallel to the Y-axis to transmit light along the X-axis direction.

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