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The Port Chester School District asks community residents to vote on a vital, comprehensive .025 million BOND PROJECT for much-needed renovations to Port Chester Middle School’s building exterior on TUESDAY, JUNE 5, 2018.

This project addresses the 2017 cantilever failure and necessary reconstruction of pedestrian bridges at Port Chester Middle School for a long-term, safe and cost-effective solution.

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Weather permitting, lifeguards are on duty and the beach is open for swimming from 9 a.m. As a service to the taxpayers, the Town has made a diligent attempt to maintain and preserve deeds, some of which date back to the 1600’s.

starting May 3rd - Wednesday through Sunday Hours: 9am - 3pm **You do not have to be a resident to obtain a Season Permit, please see the options below for Resident and Non-Resident rates and how to obtain a permit ** The Assessment Office does not prepare deeds.

County, Town and Sewer: One Payment April 1st Due by April 30th Village Tax (Port Chester): Two Payments June 1st First half is due by June 30th; Second half is due by December 30th Village Tax (Rye Brook): Two Payments June 1st First half is due by June 30th; Second half is due by February 28th School Taxes: Two Payments September 1st First half is due by September 30th; Second half is due by January 31st Curbside Recycling Rules Villages in the Town of Rye have “dual-stream recycling.” This means paper waste (paper, magazines, newspapers, boxes, etc.) must be placed separate from commingled waste (hard plastic containers, metal cans and foil, glass, and cartons).

Click here to view and download recycling guides in English and Spanish: Guide to Curbside Recycling Guia al Reciclaje al Borde de la Calle – Espanol ‍ Westchester County‍How Do I Recycle…? Batteries, printer cartridges, plastic bags, CFL light bulbs, etc., can all be recycled or disposed of safely when you know ho!

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