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The 23 who returned to duty were punished through rank reductions, reductions in rank and pay, or short periods of imprisonment.

On 8 April, seven sailors at the shore base HMNZS Tasman, in Lyttelton, refused to work and demanded to be discharged.

Arrest warrants were issued for those who did not return, with one sailor at large for over two years.

The mutinies and the resulting manpower shortage forced the RNZN to remove Black Prince from service, and set the navy's development and expansion back by a decade.

You can, however, specify other rates - for example, to communicate over pins 0 and 1 with a component that requires a particular baud rate.

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During his 1943 re-election campaign, Prime Minister Peter Fraser promised that new pay scales would be established by 1 April 1946; if there were any delays, the pay rates would be backdated, and the sailors would receive the difference as a lump sum.

In addition, several benefits or allowances were either removed (for example, uniformed personnel were no longer allowed free travel on public transport, unless issued a voucher to do so) or were not modified to compensate for inflation (for example, uniform allowances remained at pre-war levels, despite the threefold increase in uniform prices).

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By the end of World War II, naval pay was well behind equivalent ranks in the New Zealand Army and the Royal New Zealand Air Force, and much lower than wages for equivalent jobs in the civilian sector.

They recruited 40 sailors from Philomel waiting to be posted to the cruiser, but the actions of the cruiser's officers prevented the group from drawing off any sailors on duty.

On 28 April, the group presented their demands to the captain, but were informed that anyone not reporting for duty the following day would be considered Absent Without Leave.

Complaints were that the new pay rates were still inferior to the other branches of the military, and the increases would be consumed by taxes, inflation, and cancellation of allowances and benefits.

The conclusion of the review was a year overdue, but a previously promised backdating of the increase was not initially announced.

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