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In real life, she feels intimidated by men and hasn't had much success attracting them. My husband is ready to throw the computer out the window. A 32-year-old single librarian from upstate New York, Leah is shy and overweight.

The following is a brief overview Cathy provided me prior to our telephone interview: My first contact with the Internet is an experience that I will never forget. Before long I realized that I didn't want to just imagine sex with a partner, I wanted to physically have sex with someone. I know of many women who have fallen into the same trap that I did for one reason or another.

Cybersex is the act of role-playing sexual acts or exchanging explicit sexual messages with people through chat room via the internet.

The practice itself has become quite popular, particularly with the rise of certain internet service providers.

She's amazed at how brazen she's become, hopping among several "partners" in one night and indulging in virtual sex acts she had never previously imagined. Young goes on, "the best part is the morning after.

Now when Leah enters the People Connection seeking quick sexual encounters, she finds herself desired by dozens of men.

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