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It was through this that she met Ronnie — she produced two shows for him and collaborated on writing his autobiography.She also has a lucrative sideline writing books with her younger brother, the music writer Geraint Humphreys.These things matter a great deal to Ronnie, who celebrated his 65th birthday two weeks ago.

While he slowly cut back on the alcohol, then gave up altogether, his marriage was holed below the waterline.Since then he has careered from one inappropriate relationship to another.First, a chaotic time of public, usually drunken, arguments with Katia, followed by a liaison with the Brazilian model Ana Araujo (whom he dumped after growing tired of her obsession with fame) and a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it fling with Nicola Sargent, a blonde promotions girl he met in a Mayfair jewellery shop.They have also dined with Naomi Campbell in New York and Ricky Gervais in London.Ronnie, not a man generally noted for grand romantic gestures, even took to the stage during a fundraiser at Claridge’s to dedicate a storming rendition of Mustang Sally to his blushing girlfriend (while his friend Kate Moss danced along energetically).

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