Quran against dating

But what many people don't know is that Jesus is an important figure in Islam, too, even though most Muslims don't celebrate Christmas (though some, especially some American Muslims, do).

When chocolate magnate Edward Cadbury funded the acquisition of some 3,000 Middle Eastern manuscripts in the 1920s, he did so in the hope that it would turn Birmingham into a global focal point for religious research.

She said, "I seek refuge from thee in the Compassionate [i.e., God], if you are reverent!

" He said, "I am but a messenger of thy Lord, to bestow upon thee a pure boy." She said, "How shall I have a boy when no man has touched me, nor have I been unchaste? Thy Lord says, ‘It is easy for Me.’" And [it is thus] that We might make him a sign unto mankind, and a mercy from Us. So she conceived him and withdrew with him to a place far off.

And the pangs of childbirth drove her to the trunk of a date palm. Thy father was not an evil man, nor was thy mother unchaste." Then she pointed to him [Jesus]. He has made me blessed wheresoever I may be, and has enjoined upon me prayer and almsgiving so long as I live, and [has made me] dutiful toward my mother. Peace be upon me the day I was born, the day I die, and the day I am raised alive!

She said, "Would that I had died before this and was a thing forgotten, utterly forgotten! They said, "How shall we speak to one who is yet a child in the cradle? " That is Jesus son of Mary— a statement of the truth, which they doubt.

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