Randy orton and stacy keibler dating in real life

In the midst of Enzo Amore's heel run as Cruiserweight Champion, the WWE began an angle where Nia Jax became increasingly flirty with Enzo and the seeds were fully planted for the two to be an eventual on-screen couple.

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They were two of the best looking performers that WWE had so it was only natural for fans to be interested in seeing them together even if for just a short period of time.In the WWE, there have been so many odd pairings that made little sense to everyone involved from Superstars to fans.Some of these exceeded all expectations by getting over with the fans, as they managed to develop the perfect chemistry between them to make it believable.She was the perfect sidekick and formed one of the top heel couples that we had ever seen.But once they split up and Lita left the WWE, Edge was once again left without a manager.

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