Restore iphone without updating baseband

I unlocked the bootloader (via the official HTC site), installed twrp and rooted the M8. So I copied the zip into internal storage (no external sdcard at the moment), loaded twrp (wiped caches/factory reset), and installed insertcoin. Have downloaded insertcoin multiple times today on both Chrome and Firefox and they both failed the MD5 checksum.But when I rebooted the device, it goes to the HTC splashscreen for a few seconds, turns off, then boots back to twrp recovery. I assumed you don't need s-off since it's a Sense-based rom and not GPE-based. NB: I'm hoping you don't have to s-off since I can't get adb to detect the device outside of recovery. I even downloaded ARHD just to try something different and even that file is corrupt (not to mention downloading 1.8 GB at around 80 KB/s).I'm running version 3.4 of ARHD with a Vodafone version of the phone. After the first 4 failures, I didn't bother in doing the first step again (i.e. I also just realised that when we install a custom rom we will be installing the international kernel which will probably have the CPU at 2.3GHz... last night I lost sleep cos I bricked my M8 hahhaa! TWRP screws up on adb sideload and it doesn't read your external sd card (which is where all my bloody roms were). ========================================================================= preparing, one moment The first bottle is open chugging.......... Radio is included in the firmware update (though not always).I didn't take a back up of my Telstra stock ROM either...great. So after a few hours of trying adb sideload and adb push, I installed Philz Touch and it read my external SD card just fine. fact is, they're all effectively using the same base, same system files etc, so they'll all perform roughly the same. I use Insertcoin, and it definitely doesn't have any lag, with opening folders or anything else. whelp, that bottle is empty, opening bottle 2 chugging.......... A newer radio is generally better anyway, and is a good thing to update. Radio is included in the firmware update (though not always). I'm quite content with sense atm lol but I wanted to change DPI I was hoping to change it by getting root and change the system file like I did on samsung, but I just realised it might be a lot different on a HTC Is there any way around this? There are hundreds if not thousands of people using those ROMs. Also to add, if you an "unbranded" phone, you _might_ be able to achieve root through "weaksauce" app, which can get root without unlocking the bootloader, (which you must get an account at to unlock), but if "weaksauce" doesn't get root, as it doesn't work on lots of devices, mainly ones without carrier branded software etc, it can be rooted without unlocking the bootloader. There are hundreds if not thousands of people using those ROMs. This is the first time I don't plan to install custom ROMs however I'm interested in getting updates faster for an unbranded international version. Install custom recovery, unlock bootloader, S-off, flash a stock UK rom and then change CID? Are you doing full wipes (system and data) before flashing the ROM?I believe the second method will still wipe, but has the advantage of never being unlocked on HTC's records, just on the odd chance they dispute a warranty claim. soft button remain transparent when pulling down the status bar. hey guys, just want to know i do not have to get s-off to flash the custom tom right?Warranty issues on unlocked phones are very uncommon in Australia. when i have m7, i just unlock the boatload and s-on, and i can still install the custom whats the real difference between s-off and s-on? Unlock bootloader, flash custom recovery, flash chainfire root.

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If not, unlock bootloader, install a recovery like twrp or philz, which both work for certain phone versions/carrier types.

However if I run a Sense 6 ROM you lose the ability to set Dashclock widget as the main lock screen widget, it keeps setting the Sense 6 screen as the default one. On previous sense phones the issue was that the aosp lockscreen wasn't hooked in to the phone app.

Phone would ring, you need to unlock phone to see who is even calling and then answer phone.

If you want to keep stock just flash back stock recovery afterwards (there will be ways of taking a backup I'm sure) and you'll still be able to get OTA's. I haven't been in the thread recently but if you have a search around you should find details.

For the asian region phones (including Aus) you either need to persist, or someone found a trick of copying a file to the phone whilst running the firewater tool somehow improved the chances.

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