Restore your ipod without updating

It's an efficient way to save resources by using one device to test digital products in all versions of the available firmware.

Spanner Spencer has been writing since 2005 for a variety of print and online publications.

Provided that you’ve synced your device with i Tunes before, you can reset your locked i Phone, i Pad or i Pod without losing data.

Skip the wait, avoid the lines, and do it yourself. The i Pod Touch section will also work for any i Phone or i Pad.

The Apple logo displays on the device, and then a blank screen displays. A prompt opens in i Tunes, asking if you want to restore the device.

Randall Blackburn has worked for several Fortune 1000 companies as a technical writer over the past seven years.

Today I met my match with an i Pad that had a passcode entered too many times, resulting in it displaying the message ‘i Pad is disabled – Connect to i Tunes’.

This was a student i Pad and since they use Notability for most of their work there was a chance that her files were not all backed up to the cloud.

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