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My heart and my love are with you and your family now and always.

Idamary was one of the most loving and caring people you could ever have the pleasure to meet. She was strong in her faith and lived it every day, by both her words and actions.

We were all young and moved on with our lives in different directions but I would run into her every now and again.

Still with a smile on her face and hopeful plans to get together again sometime.

I remember Penny very fondly over the years and especially the years she was involved the the Rainbow girls while I was a member for so many years of my life. ..i keep remembering the night you did not have a support Mgr.asked me to step in.. Kathi You were the most upbeat person I have ever met you were always there when I need you i would never changed that for the world. You always have a place in my heart an soul you'll never will be forgotten. Barbara,you have been like a friend caring for my animals for over 3 years.

I know her love for her children and family is what kept her going all these years. Fran & Regina: Your parents were loved at Southern Pines. We ended up with loaded pallets outside with a guard lol. Barbara, you have been such a wonderful “friend “ for over 25 years. I loved your contagious laugh, and the way you cared for all the animals.

I can't help but smile when I think about her legacy. Just wanted to say hi and I LOVE and MISS you so much, you,are the best Dad ever and I really appreciate all you,did for me. During times like this, the scriptures can offer a huge amount of comfort.

Our life’s journey is filled with so many experiences, but the greatest experiences are those that are spent with family and the people we love the most.

Alice, your mom created an amazing family and through your loving stories I got to learn about this amazing woman.

You were the family I trusted to care for my many dogs over the years. I'm sure your entire family , the pommies, horse,etc will miss your love and care.

I will so miss your smile and stern critique of my coat care for my babies. Kathi, you touched so many lives, some you know in person, some only by name or business, and some who you helped you will never know. Dear Susan, My Mom Jeane and I share in your sorrow on the loss of your Mom.

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