Romantic ideas for long distance dating

A great way to countdown the days until you see each other again is to make your own little mailbox stuffed with love notes.For Valentine’s Day, I sent my boyfriend a handheld mailbox and wrote out 91 reasons why I loved him for the 91 days we had until his graduation.If you have found yourself in a long distance relationship, these creative ideas can make your love life better than ever: Do not attempt this unless you are in a healthy and trusting relationship.You do not want to be accused of trying to catch them doing something they should not be.Becoming pen pals with your partner provides a unique and intimate form of communication.Phones calls and webcam sessions come and go, but with letters you two will always have these precious pieces of the past to look back on.

This year we ended up becoming closer than ever before and I became a better person because of it.Remember in the movie "Grease" when Marty sprays perfume on her love letters?It may seem old school, but trust me the extra hint of you will drive your lover wild.To add to the spectacle of surprise, try to plan it so your partner is out with his or her friends.Showing up at their door step can be romantic, but it is more fun to have a group of people witness their reaction.

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