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The results obtained from the 2 databases are in very good agreement, but there are some minor differences that reach statistical significance.In particular, the mean hemoglobin of older men is slightly higher in the Scripps-Kaiser data than in the NHANES data.Members of the laboratory staff should make and examine a blood smear whenever the results of the complete blood count indicate that a blood smear is essential for the validation or the further elucidation of a detected abnormality.

It is important that, if possible, such blood smears be stored over the long term, just as a tissue that provides a histologic diagnosis is stored over the long term.In practice, such storage is easily achieved if a patient has also had a bone marrow aspirate (since a blood smear should always be stored with an aspirate), but it is harder to achieve if the peripheral blood smear alone has provided the diagnosis.Individual laboratories should have a mechanism to make possible the retention of such smears or an image derived from them.The mean and 1.65 standard deviation below the mean of the hemoglobin values of the white subjects are shown in Figure 2; this provides the hemoglobin concentration below which only 5% of normal subjects in the population will be found, given the Gaussian distribution of hemoglobin values.Table 3 presents the lower limit of normal for white and black men and women.

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