Sedating a dog before euthanizing

But at the time doing nothing wasn't an option either.

Here is the response I received from her via e-mail: Hi Marty. I have had dogs, especially huskies, that do not respond to sedation. In one particular case, I didn't feel the dog was suffering so we waited probably 45 minutes before even doing the euthanasia to see if the drugs would finally set in! The panting and hyperventilating could be from stress from being in the vet office, bleeding from the tumor or even just secondary to drugs and changes in blood pressure.

I know she was very upset too, but it was so horrifying, I don't ever want to put an animal to sleep again. I have seven cats left--I don't know now that when their time comes, I'll be able to make the choice for them. All I can feel is my dog trusted me competely and I made a choice to let her suffer. My response: I'm so sorry to learn of the terrible experience you had with the euthanasia of your beloved dog, especially when it was your intention to ease her suffering and provide for her a peaceful death.

I feel her dying with the cancer might not have been that bad. Please tell me if this has happened before and the reasons you were given and a way to prevent it. I waited to respond to your message until I was first able to consult with one of the excellent (experienced and compassionate) veterinarians with whom I have worked, to get her perspective on your story.

Thankfully this time it went smoothly and peacefully.

The thing is, we don't know what fate could have befallen our baby had we waited.

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