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To have the girls hyperventilating, "I want to fuck him so bad," whenever he appears, which one blonde is telling her friend right now at high-decibel volume, although Tim can't hear her, he's too immersed in cuing up the next track that is going to keep people going completely apeshit.," he'd said in his Swedish accent a few days earlier.He rifles a hand through his scraggly blond hair, sincerity in his icy blue eyes.Felix gives him a warning look and nods in my direction.

"We should make a list of songs that we tell festival organizers not to let other DJs play," Bergling's tour manager, a no-nonsense Irishwoman named Ciara Davey, says decisively, as if writing a note to self. "By the time he's set to go on, Tim's face has taken on a grayish sheen.Thanks to computers, these days, DJing is mostly "before work," Tim explains.Most of the set list and transitions are worked out before he gets onstage."It's just like when it's right in the moment and you have that stupid bright light on you," he says, searching for the words to say it. But Tim's attention is entirely focused on the sounds coming from the stage, where a warm-up DJ is playing a song called "Epic" by Dutch DJs Sandro Silva and Quintino."It feels so Four days before New Year's, I arrive in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to find him pacing around a tented greenroom at Mamita's Beach Club, smoking like a chimney and knocking back Red Bulls. "I can't believe he's playing this," he mutters.

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