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so you gained a buck, but lost my business forever. Reply On Saturday March 17,2018 I allowed a niece and nephew to go in to Dollar tree and get to the two item.They were sold a item that they told the cashier was not theirs, and given the wrong item by your manger.She should not be able to talk like this to anyone especially her employees I should hope this matter is addressed asap.another thing the sloppiness of the employees should not be employee there dresses like her job matters and her appeareance matters to her customers something that should be looked into as well because in a place of business such as retail apperence should be a plus..thank you from a concerned customer. She is very rude in speaking with her employees she’s will discipline them in front of customers she will also belittle them in front of customers..I don’t see how she still has a job there because I’m sure she has had alot of complaints on her..another thing all the workers there are dressed very sloppy except for this one african american there she looks new but very good at her job and she’s very pleasant,well spoken and will in deed help with anything a customer ask of her..

The entire shift there were so many people in the store that even with both of us on the registers the lines were down the aisles.this is a disgrace you have 4 check stands in that store you need at least 2 in operation at ALL TIMES!and this would not happen , i gladly took my business to dollar general and was in and out in no time , YOUR STORE IS A DISGRACE AND IF THIS DOES NOT CHANGE MY STORY WILL BE SHARED ON SOCIAL MEDIA !!!!then she said there was no extra money even though i paid with a credit card, she counted every bill!i said let me just get another item to make up for it and she said she’d call the police because that is stealing.

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