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I love 'The Wreck of Edmund Fitzgerald,' nonpareil! How many of u personally spoke to Gordon and now are experts so that you can come on here and tell us what the meaning of this song is? The song and Lightfoot have always been near the top of my personal list of songs and songwriters. "Sometimes I think it's a shame when I get feeling better when I'm feelin' no pain" means that he is hurting very badly about this woman and he is sad that the only time he feels good is when he is drunk. As to who he is singing about, this is not a whore he visited but someone he cared deeply about. He doesn't really want to screw up his life or his relationship but, he gets lost in his loving, and she is so into him she creeps around his back stairs.

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The lyrics have some depth too, Ill have to see what other songs this guy has since I dont know much about him.

He was helping them get started and he caught one of the members having sex with his partner.

HE THROUGH THEM ALL OUT AND IT WAS HISTORY FROM THEREHey gang, while we're into interpretations, maybe this song was the antithesis to the song about "approaching lavender" (I think that was the title? He sings, "oh, approaching lavender...." which my mom said she thought was about a gay guy.

He uses to references to sailors, "lookin like a queen in a sailors dream" and "I can see her looking fast in her faded jeans".

we would call it looking fast when we were looking good, its a navy term.

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