Sexting video online

Thus, for example, a sixteen year old who photographs him or herself nude, and sends it to their boyfriend or girlfriend, violates this statute.A person who receives such a picture attached to an email, for example, and who knowingly forwards it to another person, may also be in violation of this law.

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It can have major consequences at home, in school, and in the community, both now and in the future.A conviction for any of the above-described offenses results in a "felony conviction," which can trigger a restriction of school activities, such as sports, denial of college admission, and denial of student loan eligibility.A felony conviction mandates that a DNA sample be provided to the state.Knowingly possessing it, even without sending it on to another person, is illegal.It is illegal for anyone to knowingly send to any person under the age of 18 matter considered to be "harmful.

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