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In his ruling, Hennepin County District Court Judge Mel Dickstein admonished the behavior of her former co-worker but said he could not grant a hearing for her case because it did not meet the legal standard.

“Our courts need to revisit the issue of what facts constitute those ‘sufficiently severe or pervasive [acts],’” Dickstein said.

In Minnesota, allegations of sexual harassment have already toppled two state legislators and one U. senator, all of whom resigned from their positions in the last six months.

The #Me Too movement has put a focus on the culture of sexual harassment in state politics and in workplaces across the state.

Second, is this a first time thing, or has the person (most often but not always a guy) persisted after hearing stop repeatedly or with different victims? Handling that internally harms the victim a second hand, as it is too easy to be influence by the power of the individual or the desire to protect the image of the organization.

But after weeks of testimony from legal experts in the committee, she realized why: It was nearly impossible for them to do so. “This would really let them know that their voices were heard.”Opposition to the bill is expected, particularly from the business community, where some fear eliminating the standard could open up employers in the state to a bevy of new sexual harassment lawsuits.“In many cases, it was, well this didn’t happen 10 times so it’s not pervasive enough,” Peppin said. Housley said she knows it's late in an already short legislative session, but she thinks it’s important to take an action this year. After the 1986 Supreme Court case, sexual harassment legal claims filed with the EEOC rose from about 10 per year to more 624 in 1987.“In my opinion, if something is really horrible and horrific and it happened one time, that is enough. If the proposal passes, Minnesota would be the first state in the nation to allow judges to look beyond the “severe or pervasive” standard.“People expect us to get something done when we’re at the Capitol,” said Housley, who is running for Franken’s old U. Claims grew even more in the 1990s after the highly publicized Anita Hill hearings, at which the law professor accused Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas of sexual harassing her while they were colleagues in government.It shouldn't have to happen 10 times for it to be able to bring forward a case.”Peppin plans to introduce her bill on Monday, and she’s gained support from several House Democrats. But Peppin said her bill would not be retroactive to old cases, and it simply gives the courts the option to use their judgement to decide of a case rises to the state’s own definition of sexual harassment.“We don't know what the courts are going to do,” she said.

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