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A) It sure does, because that is the thing we can't explain..a simple way.

We don't have any simple process that we have been able to find that would explain why an image is the particular type of image that we see! PJS) In hindsight looking back on the 1978 investigation is there anything that you feel was overlooked at that time; any particular test preformed at that time that should perhaps be looked at in the future.

And the kinds of abnormalities that support some of the forensics.

A) Well honestly at this point that's the one thing we can't do!A) Well, what we did was to run not one test but a variety of tests for blood; we used one of the oldest known tests for blood forensically which was to see if one can generate the compound that produces the color of blood, this compound is called ' porphyrin' it is the same stuff that makes grass green. Not only have we gotten them but an Italian investigator has independently confirmed our tests and has also got immunological tests for blood. The tests we ran are more indicative than some of the tests that people routinely run.Some of the tests that people run for blood depend on the blood being fresh, the tests that I ran where we detected the so-called porphyrin is a test that does not depend on the blood being fresh, it is now being used more by people for the arch metric detection of blood.A) Well there are certainly tests that should be done now, but you know one has to realize that the first time that someone does something like this the results are spotty, you make the best guesses you can. When you get through with a whole bunch of tests you decide you should have done this and you should have done that!Actually, the tests that were done in ‘78 were really a very good set of tests; people made the best guesses they could, designed the best experiments they could design on the basis of that..we established a lot of things.

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