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Even though this isn't going anywhere right now, I do like keeping her wet and ready.

Becoming a little more aggressive with her grind, I can tell she is trying to get to her release before I decide I am done, not this time. I push her from the couch and stand up, “Going to get some of that fine juicy fruit I saw in the kitchen, but you go ahead and dance lil one.” She lands with a thud, square on her hip, she seems to know not to rub or make any indication of her discomfort. I can see that her first thoughts are of my reaction and not her desire, and because of that, I call back to her, “better rub that, looked like it might hurt.” She watches as I eat but does not have any, I don't know if she is waiting for me or just not hungry, but the fruit is delicious.

Rolling out of bed and heading into the kitchen, it is spotless, everything in it's place, with a nice bowl of fresh fruit waiting for breakfast.

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We have company coming and everything has to be right.Getting out of the shower and heading into the bedroom, Leah follows with a towel.Meeting me in the bedroom, she stops and drys me off.Instead I reach down and lift her into my arms, giving her a very long kiss.Pulling back my head I say, “Morning pet, so good to see you happy.” Carrying her over to the couch and sitting with her in my lap.

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