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It also just happens that most of the vehicles we drive are world cars as well, so what you read here probably applies to the models you can get at home. The first KB300 D-Teq we drove was an extended cab version, early in 2008.At that time, this engine was new and offered more power than the old motor that was falling behind its peers of the time.The other ten ships arrived in Sydney Cove late that afternoon, after experiencing difficulties in getting out of Botany Bay. For the First Fleet voyage she carried 30 Crew plus 50 Marines & Family, and with 201 male Convicts (1dv). In 1795 it underwent repairs and was hereafter listed as 'London Transport." In the following year the ship was sold to S. After her arrival in Port Jackson she remained as a supply ship and sailed to the Cape of Good Hope in October 1788 to obtain food supplies for the starving colony. In some instances, as in the case of the "Borrowdale" it was not possible to determine, even though this research, as to whether it had a figurehead, scroll-head or neither. Borrowdale was a three-masted, Convict Transport 335 Tons, 105-ft. Carried 30 Crew plus 32 Marines & Family 1 Civilian. During her return voyage to England her crew came down with scurvy, and with insufficient crew to man her she was scuttled and sunk in the Straits of Macassar 28 October 1788. Skippered by: Master William Sharpe, Owner: Leighton Co. The Golden Grove had the distinction of carrying the Reverend Richard Johnson and his wife to the Colony.Four years later, that 3,0 litre four-cylinder diesel is still making 120 k W of power and 360 Nm of torque – enough to keep up with half its natural competitors, Toyota and Mazda, but falling behind the new five- and six-cylinder engines from Ford and Nissan.It still does what needs doing, but word down at the co-op is that a new D-Max (what they call the KB overseas) is on its way from Thailand and expected here next year.As useful as canopies can be though, rearward vision is reduced, making the five-metre vehicle awkward to reverse.That’s why we were grateful for a useful toy added since our last drive in one of these – reverse park assist.

The bin floor is just above knee height and four lashing rings are provided.

As quite a few readers have found, I answer every serious enquiry from my home email address, with my phone numbers attached, so I do actually exist. This is the central hub of the KZN Midlands farming community; the place farmers go to buy their supplies and equipment, truck their goods to market, send their kids to school and go to kick back and relax.

Want to ask a question, comment or just tell me you thoroughly disagree with what I say?

I drive eight to ten vehicles most months of the year (press cars are withdrawn over the festive season - wonder why? Those that are, get a tagline but the rest is virgin, unpublished and unedited by the political-correctness police.

Hope you like what you see, because there are no commercial interests at work here.

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