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By connecting to a reflector, users can videoconference with more than 30 users at one time and participate in discussions ranging from general conversation to science.

Most reflectors available today are open to anyone and accomodate a variety of users, from those without cameras or audio capability to users with color cameras and microphone equipped headsets.

Finally, on behalf of the Organizing Committee, I would like to welcome you to this conference.

It is said that the wonderful thing about technology is that it is always moving forward, usually faster than we can keep up with.

Soon after programs such as Vocaltec's Internet Phone allowed users to actually send voice over the Internet in real time.

Today however, we have an application which combines both vocal and text based communications and adds the element of video in an attempt to create the feeling that the people you are chatting with are truly there.

One of the great features of CU-See Me is the ability to take part in a Virtual Community by connecting to a reflector.

A reflector is in basic terms, a computer connected to the Internet running software which allows other users to connect and chat with each other in real-time.

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Anything a users types into the window can be read by all the other users on the reflector.

The formation of lasting productive partnerships between the participants is also an objective of this conference.

This research conference is open to all in the research and scientific community.

It was developed at Cornell University (hence, the CU in CU-See Me) as an experiment by a consortium to see if video could be sent efficiently over the Internet.

As with many applications built today, it was released freely over the Internet to allow users to test it and report and bugs it may have.

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